I Got a Raise….and It’s Not the Kind You Think

As I sit here contemplating the goals and ideas I have for my team for 2019, I started to think about a conversation I had with my supervisor a couple of months ago regarding “what motivates” me.

His first question was, “Are you motivated by money?” I quickly answered, “No”. For a second, I regretted saying that. Was I setting myself up to not get a raise? Stupid…stupid…stupid. I then began to explain.

Throughout my career in management, I have learned that what sometimes feels like a thankless job is actually very rewarding. You just have to know where to look. As managers, we are the ones that seem to always take up the slack, take the flack, and solve ALL the problems. We rarely hear these two words, “Thank you.” It can sometimes feel that all your hard work goes unnoticed. Guess what….we are wrong!

Remember that time you counseled the CSR that was upset because a client yelled at her? You offered her tips on how to talk with your clients and how to deal with them when they become upset. A few days later, you hear her using your tips and recognize that she is growing into her role. (Thank you)

Remember the day you had to ask the team to work through lunch and you were right in there with them helping out? The next time this happened you didn’t have to ask anyone because they volunteered to help out. (Thank you)

The other day, one of my team members came into my office and said, “I’m so happy that you’re my manager.” (Thank you)

I explained to my supervisor why I’m not motivated by money. I am motivated by my team. When I see a team member growing and/or using tips and training advise that I have given them to help make their work life better, that’s how I “get a raise”.

Don’t get me wrong, I have my “what the hell” days too. When these days happen, I remind myself that these are the days I learn from the most and they help prepare me to become an even better manager/leader.

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