Team Service

The other day I happen to come across the following Facebook post:

My first initial thought when I saw this was, “Why the heck would a veterinary technician page post such a thing?” The curiosity took over and I decided to read through the comments that were posted. It came to no surprise to read things like, “this is why I’m leaving the field” and “I am very overworked and underpaid”. As I begin to read further, I started seeing comments such as these:

“My doctors always let us know we are doing a good job. I am so great full [sic] be where I am.”

“I am so lucky. In the 5 years I have worked at my clinic NEVER ONCE have I left for the day without my doctor saying THANK YOU.”

“My doctors always let you know that you worked hard they appreciate you.”

This past week, I had a wonderful opportunity to collaborate with LVTs, RVTs, CVTs, and CVPMs from across the nation. We had a deep discussion regarding the importance of what I like to call, “Team Service.” In practice, we strive so hard to focus on exceeding our customer service that we can sometimes fall short on the service we give to our team. This is so important!! By creating an enjoyable work environment and adhering to the needs of our team, this will spill out into your customer service creating happy clients. It’s a win win!

With that, team leads and practice managers can tell their team members how much they appreciate their hard work until the cows come home. Yes the team appreciates this, but nothing compares to having the doctor tell you how much they appreciate the hard work you did for them.

One thought on “Team Service”

  1. I have to agree that even though the team lead or manager say thank you every day it’s nothing compared to the doctors or the owner to say it and really be sincere. After there just words unless you back it up with sincerity. It doesn’t hurt to also just do something nice for your staff to build up team moral like getting together for a BBQ or a small get together once in a while. It doesn’t always have to be at the company’s cost either.

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